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Tree Surgeon in Bridgend - Tree Pollarding

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Stump Removal in Bridgend

Stump removal in Bridgend involves complete removal of the stump and any lateral roots belonging to the tree. This is achieved either using hand tools or a machine (stump grinder).

 Sometimes after a tree has been felled you may need the stump removed, this may be to enable a new tree to be planted or maybe you are having some building work done and need that stump out of the way.

Four Seasons Tree Surgery can take care of this for you, a machine called a “stump-grinder” will be used to grind the solid wood stump in to small wood chippings, these can then be used elsewhere in the garden as mulch. All we need is 32 inches access. Stump grinders are very specialised machines and should only be used by competent operatives in some cases we can go down as far as 300mm

The spinning wheel is used to scrape 2mm on every slice it makes, this machine is operated by one man, once the stump has turned into mulch and a hole has replaced the tree stump, the hole is then filled back in with the mulch.

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Once initiated, a pollard should be maintained by cutting the new branches on a cyclical basis. The frequency of the cycle should be decided according to site management objectives, species, age, condition and/or any product that might be required. Selective cutting, whereby some of the pollard branches are retained within each cycle, should be chosen if this would help to prevent dieback and decay in the stem

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We aim to make the whole process of Stump Removal in Bridgend as transparent, professional and as easy as possible whilst achieving results that are desirable to our clients and beneficial to their trees. Why not contact us for friendly honest advice and a free no obligation quotation for your tree services.

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